Vendor Agreement

LWM Homeschool Activities Fair Vendor Agreement 2018

Rules and Regulations:
Please accept all conditions below and sign form at the bottom of the page.

Please arrive 45-60 minutes prior to the start of the event so that you have adequate time to organize your space. We ask that you park on the street to allow guests access to the parking lot. ( you may pull into the center parking lot to unload your items and displays but then we ask that you move your vehicle to one of the adjacent side streets during the event.)
Vendor Space will be marked with your organizations name. You are responsible to furnish your own displays, materials, table and chairs. We ask that you do not bring tables larger than 6 feet and keep a maximum of 3 chairs in your space to reduce clutter and make vendors accessible to all attendees. (LWM Inc. will not be supplying tables or chairs for the event)
LWM Inc. reserves the right to ask that any offensive materials be removed during the event and that all materials be relevant to your organization and activities offered.
As a vendor you agree to keep your table staffed for the duration of the event.
Electricity will not be available for booth spaces during the event. Please have all of your electric devices charged prior to the event.
All audio must be kept to a minimum.
All vendors are responsible for the security of their belongings. You understand that it is your responsibility to secure your space and belongings. LWM Inc. and MTC does not guarantee vendors against damage or loss and will not be responsible for vendor materials that are lost, damaged or stolen.
Payment must be made no later than August 10th 2018 (unless other arrangements have been made), but we do ask that payment is made immediately upon receipt of invoice. Spaces are held on a first come first pay basis, waiting till the last minute could cause you to lose your space.

We encourage sign ups and giveaways at your booth.
We would also like to offer a door prize option to attendees and would like to ask that you consider donating a product or service as a door prize. Please let us know at the time of registering if your organization would be willing to donate. All vendors that donate will be advertised on social media and ad campaigns leading up to the event.

Tear down and clean up:
We ask that you leave the space as good if not better than you found it. This is a borrowed space and we ask that you be respectful at all times during the event as well as setup and teardown. IF YOU PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. You are responsible to remove all garbage, items and materials from the premises upon completion of tear down.

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**By Electronically Signing this form you acknowledge that you accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.