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Breezy Kimerly

Once upon a time, specifically Aug 4, 1987, a “Breanna Bailey,” was born. I was first of the new generation for my family. Shortly after, I became known as “Breezy” and started helping my mother babysit. I remember changing diapers before I was in preschool. “My baby” was called “Bug-Bug.” She’s all grown up now, but I remember playing with her out on our soft green grass. As the oldest of my four cousins, I was the protector and teacher of the group. Sometime between those cherished memories and now, I married my fantastic husband and had four little girls. After I had my first daughter, we taught her the alphabet, both written and signed, she could divide and point out the difference between coniferous and deciduous trees. Sadly, after she melted into public school, they immediately told me she was behind. She was “having problems” identifying the four letters they were teaching. She started having trouble in math. It became obvious that we needed something else for her, which is why I am so grateful to have found eNDVR. Thank you for having me.


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