Need help? Give us a call at 406-493-6886 and ask for a Minecraft admin. Our admins are eNDVR teenagers and if they are available, they are happy to jump online with your student to show them around the server.

Step 1: Tell us your Minecraft ID for both the standard and pocket server (or just one of them)

Step 2: Give us about 24 hours to get you set up or give us a call at the above number to get set up faster.

Step 3: Play Minecraft. Set up the following external servers to access the eNDVR server:

Standard server (on your PC or laptop):

Pocket Edition server: Port: 41064

My Accounts (4 Max)

No Minecrafters Listed yet!

Complete this form to add a new Minecrafter! Your standard edition ID is your name in Minecraft, not your email. This is the name that you chose when you registered with Mojang. Your Pocket ID is one that you can create from the options screen on pocket edition. Please use a unique id.