Does math sometimes get you down? You certainly aren’t alone if you have a case of the “math blues!” This unique class allows you to look at math through the eyes of a musician, a chef, a chemist, biologist, business owner, community member and more. It fits perfectly with our spring, CONNECT THEME! The object is to make math non-threatening by tying real-world experiences into every classroom lesson. (Some lessons will be teacher-directed, while many will be student-directed as well.) We will simplify and review basic math concepts that are important in every day situations, including place value and pre-algebraic ideas. We’ll slow the pace down, while still engaging in intriguing and creative processes (which will include a few board games, cooking and scientific experiments). So, COUNT yourself in by joining the rest of us on a journey of discovery, where it’s possible for math mysteries to be both relevant and fun!

For Transcript Credit: This class is especially directed toward students whom have opted out of public school math classes due to phobias that has developed via large class sizes, the inability to concentrate (boredom included), and other personal struggles such as dyslexia. Elaine is certified at the K-8 level in math (not highschool math); therefore, this class is unique. It is meant to review the fundamentals as a way of getting older students to connect with math in a positive way. This, in turn, will hopefully prepare them for more advanced classes down the road.

This class only meets 7 times this session and the price has been adjusted to reflect this.