Price: Reflects/includes 4 hrs. of class time (two hrs. one day per week and full field trip days every other Friday- specific dates will eventually be listed under Field Trip Fridays. Contact Elaine if you need more information before signing up for this class).

This class is specifically designed for eNDVR’s spring theme- Connect! We’ll spend two hours of in-class time learning about Montana-related topics and then every other Friday, we’ll take a field trip that relates directly to class content (Examples: The Courthouse, local businesses/non-profits, wildlife preserves, historic landmarks- including pictographs, etc.)

We’ll focus a great deal on how and when Montana became a state, Missoula a city and that transition from past to present day. As Montana history unfolded, what did law and order look like? From tribal and territorial organization to vigilante law, you’re in for a wild ride! The formation of government, laws, rules and basic order is anything but boring. It’s a “living, breathing entity” that flows from past to present. Society is always looking for a sense of structure, from the smallest of the social institutions- The Family, to larger ones that include education, business, health, religion, the military, justice and other systems. How do rules and the basics of societal order influence each of us as members of the eNDVR “family” and as citizens within the larger world?

Class time will be spent discussing various issues, which will include a bit of speech and debate, how bills are introduced, the branches of government and the issue of states’ rights. Again, the primary focus will rest on Montana topics. We’ll spice things up a bit with several cooking and craft-related projects, guest speakers and more. So saddle up your horses and buckle up your belts as we take an interesting adventure through Montana’s statehood from the past into the present and possibly even the future!

For Transcript Credit: This course is meant for homeschooled teens who wish to gain some background knowledge and/or high school credit in government/political science, sociology and Montana history. Elaine is a certified teacher, K-8 and 5-12 (all areas of social science), with minors in English and sociology.