We’re looking for 5-10 students to help us test our high school tracking system that we will release next fall. This system is great for homeschooled students who are on a less traditional path. Students can be responsible for tracking their own learning and parents will receive a weekly email documenting their student’s work. The program creates a high school transcript with a portfolio, based on student attendance and student assignments. Students can also manually document online courses or in person courses where they received a grade. This system will help your student to track assignments, take ownership of the work they’ve done and create a high school portfolio to present to colleges.

We are looking for 8th and 9th graders to help us test the system, but we may consider other students as well. Testers must be able and willing to document their daily work on a tablet, computer or smart phone. Testers can use the system for free until September and can come to eNDVR on most Monday mornings between 10 and 12 to get help with tracking.
For those who don’t wish to test, but are interested in using our software, we will allow parents to pre-order beginning in July. Our software can be used by any homeschool family to track and document their journey, but it is specifically designed for high school students to take ownership of their education.