This 2 month class series will give students the opportunity to learn basic guitar skills with Childbloom Guitar Program Director Nathan Zavalney. Classes will be 30 minutes in length. Parents are encouraged to attend! Students will learn about guitar sitting position and playing techniques, group music interaction, and basic music concepts through the songs and games of the Childbloom curriculum. Find out more about the Childbloom Guitar Program at

Participants will need to have an appropriately sized acoustic guitar. If you do not own a guitar, the option of new student package is available.

Participants in this class series are being offered a special price of $55 per month, a 15% discount from the normal monthly Childbloom tuition of $65.

There is a $25 materials fee for the book and CD that we will use for the classes. If you have bought the book and CD previously, you do not need to buy it again.

The new student package we offer includes a Cordoba Protege guitar (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or full size options available), the book and CD, and the first month tuition for $195. This is a great way to have a student start on a good quality instrument, as the Cordoba guitars sell for $165 when not purchased as part of this package.

Co-op (parent hours) cannot be used to pay for this class.