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lwm-logo-small.pngLearning with Meaning would love to hear from you. Your feedback helps us to create better resources for parents, teachers and most importantly, KIDS! Please consider the following before you contact us:

1. eNDVR and our Learning With Meaning office are located at 1905 W. Sussex Ave, Missoula, MT 59801. If you want to talk to a real live person about homeschooling or educational opportunities in Missoula, MT, give us a call at 406-493-6886.

2. If you are having trouble with an app, have a look at our support page. Also, if you want to post your experiences with our apps or links to lessons that you have created, create an account and post a comment!

3. Guest Bloggers: If your job is to create meaningless content to promote someone’s website, don’t bother contacting us. If you are a parent, teacher or student and you would like to write a blog post with some meaningful insights, definitely let us know. We will allow back links from guest posts, within reason (and yes, we reserve the right to determine what is within reason).

4. Developers: We would love to review your app or website. Make sure you give us the important information, like how much it costs, links and promo codes. We can’t promise that we will review anything and if we do, it will be honest. We do not offer paid reviews.

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